Research Students and Postdocs

PhD students
  • Fathima Mohamed (first supervisor), via MM4L CDT, 2023-
  • Aditi Ramaswamy (first supervisor), via STAI CDT, 2023-
  • Aqib Rashid (second supervisor), 2019-
  • Kunxiang Jin (second supervisor), 2019-
  • Parvin Sadigova (second supervisor), 2017-2023
  • Karine Even Mendoza (first supervisor) 2016-2020 (now a Lecturer in the Department of Informatics at KCL)
  • Jenjira Jaimunk (second supervisor), 2016-2020
  • David Landsberg, Oxford University, 2013-2017 (then a Postdoctoral Research Associate at UCL)
  • David A. Kelly
  • Nathan Blake
  • Martin Chapman (now a Lecturer in Health Informatics at KCL)
Research MSc
  • Karine Even-Mendoza, Technion, 2012-2014 (co-supervised)